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The origins of the project

Today, everything is analyzed on the Internet. The performance of websites is constantly improved and adapted to the customers’ needs.

IVS wanted to offer the same tools for physical stores thanks to artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Our mission: helping you improve your performance.

To learn more about our history, check out Who are we ?

A unique technology, a multitude of solutions

We have developed Vicky, our own development platform dedicated to image processing and artificial intelligence.

Composed of more than a hundred different components, it allows us to create new functionalities and therefore new products very easily, by means of a game of assemblies and adjustments. It also adapts to the needs of our customers.

Based on machine learning data models, we can easily integrate the latest deep learning models or state-of-the-art algorithms.

The creativity and flexibility of a young innovative company

Since its creation, Intelligent Video Software has had an exceptional track record. We have had the pleasure of being awarded several times.

We have been selected for the business boost program of Euratechnologies’ pole of excellence.

On three occasions, the PICOM has awarded us prizes for highly innovative projects such as automatic tray recognition at Flunch, eye tracking in Promod’s shop windows and analysis of checkout behavior for La Redoute.

We have raised 3 million euros in funding. We are in contact with more than 50 major retail clients.

Dozens of engineers and doctors in image processing have worked on the development of our solutions.

In a quest for growth and sustainability, IVS has chosen to join IRIS IT in September 2020. The group has allowed us to grow, to propose a global offering to our customers, throughout France and Europe.