Our company history

MAI 2015The beginning
2017The rewards
2018The partnerships
2020IVS and Iris IT

Our methodology

IVS evolves in accordance with the AGILE method, which implies a collaborative work. We defend simple and human values. The team is creative, attentive to the customer, reactive, while showing mobilization and versatility. This organization favors exchanges and increases our speed, thus valuing the team, but also the individual.

Consequently, IVS conveys strong economic and social values. We ensure transparency, respect of specifications and production deadlines. IVS has chosen the “Made in France“, the start-up privileges the providers according to the regional economic fabric. The manufacturing, the assembly of the components, the parameter setting, the logistics and the storage are done in a radius of less than 60km. Only the electronic components are manufactured in Asia.
IVS has multiple talents and a unique team. IVS was born from a desire to recruit the best specialists and to develop a company spirit motivated by excellence, creativity and reactivity.

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