Track and optimize your shared spaces

Our IVSflex solution allows you to mesure track the occupancy rate of your workspaces in real time and optimize them to make each square meter more profitable.

Système de gestion de l'affluence

Detection counting

Lightweight sensors in the rooms to be analyzed and processing units in the cloud.

This will allow you to :

photo boîtier ivsflex, solution d'analyse du taux de remplissage des bâtiments et espaces partagés

Our IVSflex solution will allow you to :

Occupancy sensor

Sensors are placed in the workspaces to capture images.

These image streams are processed using detection algorithms that will detect someone as soon as he enters a room.

This will allow you to track the attendance of people in your workspaces

Détection des employés dans les bureaux

The IVSline solution will allow you to :